QCWA QSO logger


Linux binary, MD5 sum is 0db0251597746e43e305c417391a8d72. To run Linux binary "libfltk1.3" is required to be installed on your system.
Windows binary MD5 sum is 90e2f134bc0f3da5d575b4d14ba0ee78.
Source code, MD5 sum is 95839b5f977057ee2d0cfbcaceae0d0c.


(1) Q: Where's my configuration stored? A: In either "qcwa_qso_logger.ini" or "qcwa_qso_loggerrc" file. Name and location depend on the platform. To find out where it is, launch the logger and go to Help --> About, it's second line from the top.
(2) Q: Where do autosaved sessions go? A: To "My Documents/qcwa-qso-logs/" on Windows, to "~/qcwa-qso-logs/" on Linux.
(3) Q: Where do manually saved sessions go? A: It prompts you for a directory and file name when saving a new one, so pay attention where you save it. For existing ones opened for editing it will end up in the same file updated.


Please report bugs! Send a brief description of: (1) what you're doing, (2) what you're expecting to happen and (3) what actually happens. Attach saved QSO sessions and screen shots if possible. Send all this to: qcwa-qso-logger-bugs@mail2.ca.